Cerita Sepeda: Experience Bali Like No Other…

Last Sunday Sept 4th 2011, Airasia HSBC invited me to participate Cerita Sepeda, it was a bike tour in bali. We started from Kutabex, Kuta. Rode along Pantai Kuta-Legian, Seminyak and Kayu Aya and finished at Pura Peti Tenget for sunset. It was my first experience participated in a bike tour. It was totally fun and very refreshing. Ofcourse! cus we did it in Bali. Also I meet some cool people too in this event. Mostly they are  journalists and bloggers too just like me.

I really had a great time at this event. So Thank you so much Airasia HSBC   😀

ready to rumbleee with Ari and mas Stephan from Airasia HSBC

Our bikes

Lukman from http://www.hifatlobrain.net/….yeap he was very excited ;D

Pantai Kuta-Legian

picture time with Mas Stephan and Lita.

Da Crew ;p

Quiz Winner ;D

Wohooo we’ve got the sweetest treats at La Luciola at Peti Tenget, Krobokan. Perfect open aired place for  dinner with wonderful beach view. Sooo romantic 😀

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  1. you’ve got all the nice photos except pas lagi sepedaan hahaha

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