POOLAPALOOZA X UFFIE and I’ll be your Party Photographer ;)

YIF and Kemang Icon By Alila Presents

A Rooftop Pool Party
Sunday 1st of May 2011
3.00pm – 11.00pm
@ The Edge
Kemang Icon by Alila Hotel: Jl. Kemang Raya No. 1
Jakarta Selatan

FDC 100k (Beer Incl)


Special Apperance By

UFFIE (Ed Banger, France)

With Djs
Teenage Illionaires (YIF)
Mofomonster (YIF)
Lasya (YIF)
Tosynth (WTF)
Ario Sapi (Foxtrot Union)
Johny Grim (Hammer & Mace)

Party Photographer by Iloveglam

This event is powered by:

The Edge
OZ Radio 90.8 FM
Goodbeat Indonesia
Dailywhatnot (www.dailywhatnot.com)
Monka Magic Vinyl (www.monkamagic.com)
HPDC (www.happypeopledontcomplain.blogspot.com)

also follow us:

Reservation and Inquiry
Call 719 79 89 or Email PR@KEMANGICON.COM

.Complimentary Valet Parking Available.


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