3 Days With The Misshapes

Nov 12th 2009..the moment that i’ve been waiting for soooo long finally had came.

Yeap i went off  to the airport to pick up Leigh & Geo from The Misshapes. I thought before they would act so cold to me..but then i found out that they are soooooo nice & so friendly  ;D

I bought them a welcome gift. A batik beach hat for Leigh & Blangkon for Geo (it was too small on his head anyway heheh sorry geo).

No matter what they wore… it always looks good on em.

I was hanging out at Geo’s room and it was so surreal..he was showing me some of his cool outfit. And one of my fav was this sequin jacket ala MJ ;D

Geo’s ritual before he left the hotel to do some interviews @ Payon.

The Misshapes did an interview with The Jakarta Post, Happy People Dont Complain, Tongue in Chic, Daily What Not.com  at Payon,Kemang.

ghea disco in action…

miss chonna came all the way from Manila to jakarta just to see The Misshapes ;D

my cutie panda..claudia ;D

we went back to the hotel before we all headed to Pasaraya.

At Pasaraya…

You look like a real javanese prince geo ;D

@ Casa

Liza of Sou Brette gave leigh & geo cool necklaces 😀

Day 2 .. Jalan Surabaya

After spent more than 1 hour in jalan surabaya…so here are  what they had found ;D

at Kemang icon …me & chonna was geting ready for the misshapes’s party…

went back to Grand Kemang to picked up Geo & Leigh…

we all sooo ready to partaayy that night ;D

to be continue….


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