Yup another dream come true 😀

I’ve been in love with The Misshapes since the first time i saw them on myspace & their website. That time they are not as big as now.  And i’ve become Geo‘s online buddy since that. We’ve been sending message through myspace & livejournal. I remember i proposed about The Misshapes to Donna and she’s in love with them at the first sight. So i said to her ” lets bring them down to jakarta” ;D

So after long waited, finally Geo & Leigh flew to jakarta and had a mad set at Buddha Bar for our party  Blackout‘s 2nd Bday Bash. And im so lucky cus i got the chance to be with them for 3 days. They told me not to take them to the mall cus they wanted to see something that they couldnt see in anywhere else. So i took them to pasaraya, jalan surabaya & tanah abang. And their fav one is jalan surabaya. I was shocked cus they really in love with moslem outfit collection. Anyway it wont be happened without Donna‘s & Bobby‘s effort…so i have to thank to u guys for bringing them down to Jakarta 🙂 I owe u guys so muchhhh.. xo

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