Heard that they did something unacceptable in malaysia rules…so the imigration people took their passports bla bla bla…and they had to deal with malaysian imigration for 8 hours. These guys almost got in jail for 2 weeks cus of what they’ve done…wtf!!!! And ofcourse that freaked them out..so they decided not to go to Jakarta cus they are afraid that they will face the same situation in jakarta. Arghhhhh..im really pissed u know, cus i already got my press ID on my hand 😦


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2 responses to “N.E.R.D GOT CANCELLED!!!! :(

  1. annisah

    the malaysian authorities are fucked up and stupid (sorry to be crude) NERD was confronted by the police allegedly because one of them took their shirt off and danced holding a bottle a champagne. that is TYPICAL malaysia for you, fucking up the possibility of any musician/band to come to southeast asia in future.

  2. iloveglam

    and the result was pain in the ass for jakarta promoter & fans here ;/

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